Be Sure To Check Out These Attractions During Your Waterpark Visit

When it's hot outside, there are lots of fun outdoor activities for your family to enjoy. While going to a local beach might be an appealing idea, another option is to head to a waterpark. Waterparks are popular destinations during the summer, and you can expect that everyone will have a lot of fun during their visit. While each of you might be eager to experience the thrills that come with zipping down tall water slides, there are many other attractions that you should also take the time to check out. Here are three attractions that you'll enjoy during your waterpark visit.

Lazy River

Many adults love the lazy river that is a fixture at most waterparks, but this activity will also be fun for your kids. A lazy river is a long, shallow body of water that often winds its way through much of the park. A large number of jets give the water a steady current, and people sit in inflatable tubes and float along the length of the river. While this attraction can be relaxing, kids will enjoy occasionally jumping out of their inner tubes and feeling the jets pushing currents of water against their bodies.

Wave Pool

You'll also find a wave pool at lots of waterparks, which can be a fun activity for families with older kids. A wave pool is essentially a large pool but has equipment that produces heavy waves at regular intervals. If your family has never been in a wave pool, you can expect lots of laughs and an energetic discussion afterward about just how high the waves were. Many waterparks have life jackets that guests can use in the wave pool, which one or more of your family members may find useful.

Tipping Bucket

If you have a splash pad in your community, it may have a small tipping bucket. This is a bucket that slowly fills with water and spills when full, splashing water over the heads of the children who stand below. At a lot of waterparks, you'll find an enormous tipping bucket. This can be a thrill for the entire family. You and your kids will join other guests in standing beneath the tipping bucket and nervously waiting for it to fill. At a certain point, the bucket will tip and many gallons of water will splash over you. Look online to learn about a waterpark in your area or consider visiting a distant waterpark as a weekend getaway.

For more information on family activities, contact a local recreation center near you.

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