Three Cardio Activities To Try With A Workout Bench

When you visit a gym, you can expect to see an assortment of workout benches in various spots throughout the building. Any of these benches can be an ally for all sorts of strength training exercises. If you want to do seated dumbbell curls, barbell bench presses, and many other free weight exercises, you'll look for an open bench before you get started. What you might not realize is that a workout bench can also help you with various cardiovascular exercises. Here are three ways to incorporate this common gym accessory into your cardio workouts.


A lot of people use a step platform to perform step-ups, but if you want a bigger challenge, there are other options available to you. One idea is to perform your step-ups with a workout bench. The surface of the bench is several inches higher than a step platform, which will help to get your heart beating quickly. There are all sorts of step routines that you can do with a workout bench. For example, you can face the bench and step up onto it, or place the bench beside you and step up and to the side to put your feet on it.

Hop Overs

Hop overs are a simple and fun exercise that you can add to your workout regimen. As their name suggests, this exercise involves hopping over something. Most people use a workout bench for their jump overs. A common approach is to stand with the bench at your side and hop over it. Unlike box jumps, in which you jump up onto the box, your goal when you perform hop overs is to clear the obstacle. If you find that this is a challenge, an easier method is to place your hands on the bench and hop from side to side with your legs. 

Air Cycling

Air cycling is a popular form of cardio that involves lying on your back, raising your legs, and moving them as though you're pedaling a bicycle. You may wish to try this simple exercise on a workout bench at your gym. Because you're off the ground, you'll be able to move your legs in a larger circle — thus increasing the fitness benefits of the exercise. If you've ever found that the floor has impeded your air cycling mechanics, you'll likely find that this exercise is more enjoyable when you lie on a workout bench. Try these and other cardio exercises with the help of a workout bench at your gym.

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