Keys To Performing A Wall Sit Properly

Wall sits are a simple exercise that many people incorporate into their gym workout regimens. You don't need any equipment to perform this exercise — all you require is an open space on any wall at the facility. You've likely seen fellow gym members performing wall sits during your prior visits to the gym. This exercise involves bending at the knees and placing your back flat against the wall, almost as though you're sitting on an invisible chair. If you want to try some wall sits, there are some keys to executing this exercise correctly. Here are three tips to remember as you do your wall sits.

Keep Your Feet Flat On The Floor

Part of the proper mechanics for performing wall sits is to keep your feet flat on the floor. You might notice that you're shifting your weight backward or forward, resulting in you primarily resting on your heels or toes. Doing so can be problematic because it can put a lot of pressure on these parts of your feet, potentially resulting in pain. By ensuring that both of your feet are flat on the floor, you'll keep your weight evenly balanced to allow you to perform your wall sits properly.

Position Your Thighs Horizontally

It's also important to consider the position of your thighs when you perform wall sits. To perform this exercise correctly, you'll want to hold your thighs in a horizontal position. Some people allow their back to slide down the wall, which results in their thighs sitting diagonally. In this position, you can experience a lot of strain on your knees — potentially to the point that you hurt yourself. It's fairly easy to judge whether your thighs are horizontal, but if you have trouble doing so, try this exercise near a mirror so you can watch your form.

Hold Your Neck Straight

Some people are tempted to lower their chin as they perform wall sits. While it's okay to look downward for a moment as you check out your posture, you should endeavor to keep your neck straight so that you're looking directly ahead for the majority of the time that you perform this exercise. Looking down can put a strain on your neck, as well as pull your upper back away from the wall. This will hinder your form. It can be useful to find a point in the distance on which you can focus as you hold this exercise.

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