Host An Obstacle Course Birthday Party

An obstacle course birthday party will encourage children to exercise, plus compete against one another. Use the tips below to help you prepare an obstacle course that the guest of honor and their friends will enjoy.

Prepare The Site

Decide where the party will be held. Obstacle courses involve a lot of movement, necessitating plenty of room for youngsters to run and climb. A local park or your backyard will be suited for this type of party. An indoor entertainment venue that rents out party space will also work well.

If you do decide to host the party outdoors, inspect the land where the obstacles will be set up. Remove rocks, twigs, and other loose materials. Make sure that the land is level. Level land will supply a safe area for the children to run and play.

Plan The Activities

A wading pool, a sandbox, a foam block pit, and marking materials can be used to set up some obstacles.

For an outdoor event, consider adding items to a wading pool and timing the children as they attempt to find them. Water balloons, colorful plastic balls, or another type of small item can be what you request the children to find. As long as you add many decoy materials in with the ones that you would like the children to find, this type of event can be challenging.

If the event will be held indoors, use the same type of concept as the pool. A foam block pit that has other soft items added to it can be used for an obstacle activity. The children can be directed to sift through the blocks as they search for the soft items that you have hidden.

Include Some Races

Prepare some competitive race obstacles. Use garden stakes or ropes to outline the area where each race will be held. 

Prepare The Party Schedule

Decide the order in which the obstacle activities will be presented during the party. Feature slower-paced activities first. Feature faster-paced activities toward the end of the obstacle course. Reserving the most strenuous activities as the final ones will ensure that the children do not get tired soon after the obstacle activities commence.

Announce The Winners

Designate a time to announce the winners of each event. If the birthday honoree and their guests will be enjoying cake and other refreshments after the obstacle events have ended, use this time to hold an impromptu award ceremony.

For more ideas to plan a kid's birthday party, contact a local party planing professional.

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