Learn To Target These Areas In The Event Of An Attack

If you currently feel that you'd have no idea what to do if somewhere were to attack you, the best investment you can make in your safety is signing up for a women's self-defense class. By the time you complete the class, you'll have a good understanding of how to protect yourself from all sorts of attacks. This will allow you to feel much more confident when you're out in public, particularly when you're by yourself. Your self-defense training will teach you a lot of things, including what parts of your assailant's body to target for maximum impact. You can expect to specifically learn about targeting these three areas.


One person attacking another on the street, in a parking garage, or even in a home is not a fair fight — so you shouldn't feel as though you need to fight fairly, either. One good part of your assailant's body to attack is their eyes. This is one of the most vulnerable points of anyone's body. Something as simple as a poke in the eye can cause your assailant to release their grip on you and take a step back, which may allow you to escape. Scratching at the eyes with your nails or using a car key or other pointed object in your possession can give you the upper hand in this physical struggle.


Another area that you'll learn to attack in your self-defense class is the assailant's groin region. This is another part of the body that is sensitive, but you won't take the same approach as attacking the eyes. Rather than poking or scratching, you'll learn how to punch, kick, and use your knees and elbows if your body position warrants it. It's very unlikely that a male attacker could take a direct blow to the groin area and not recoil in some way. Your instructor will demonstrate different ways that you can inflict damage on this region. For example, if your attacker were to pull you to the ground from behind, it would be effective to strike the groin with your elbows.


The throat is also a vulnerable area that can be effective to attack. A sharp blow with the hand or elbow can temporarily make your assailant gasp for air. As they do this, they'll involuntarily release their hands from you. You can either follow up with another strike or move to create some distance between the two of you.

For more information on women's self-defense, contact a professional near you.

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